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Content that connects

We build our business—and yours—on the philosophy of good relationships: starting with connection, rooted in meaning, and lasting through loyalty.

In content marketing, juicy metrics begin with an abstraction.

Decision-making is based on a complex mélange of rational thinking, impulsivity, good intentions, and outright desire. We use a blend of data-centric strategy and on-point emotional resonance to identify that first hook, and then carefully foster relationships each step of the way, to create affinity: emotionally-rooted loyalty.

: a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for [something or someone else] because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests.

[Brand] Affinity.

noun af·fin·i·ty \ə-ˈfi-nə-tē\

Though both brands and customers take many forms, the motivators behind action and engagement are rooted in the same drivers.

We have our own formula for affinity building.

A Method to the Madness
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