The Rise of Video

Why Content Trumps “SEO” Every time

Ambiguous though it is, the concept of SEO has long been held on a pedestal.


When asking the Average Joe what SEO is exactly, he’s like to impart this little gem:


“Something to do with Google and searching. Um..I’m not really sure, but it’s important.”


Of course, if you talk to someone on the “inside”, say a marketing team member at a corporate office, they’ll find a bit more finesse.


It might sound something like, “A critical element of digital strategy to help with organic acquisition.”


But let’s get real here: What?


Our industry has long treated SEO as a kind of game that we all have to play, learning trick sand indicators along the way, doggedly chasing the latest updates and its implications, and often closing our eyes and hoping for the best.


It’s strange because, while it’s based on analytics, SEO has remained an intentionally moving target.




Like so many things, the purpose of SEO and the motivation for acquiring it are at opposite ends of the spectrum.


Here’s what we mean:


SEO exists to help Google track and provide the most relevant information for a searcher. They want the actual most relevant information, not the website that did the best at playing an elaborate SEO game.


So instead of attempting to know ‘all the tricks” to SEO, perhaps we should align our purpose with theirs: be the best resource. Provide the best information.


(Note: This is not to say that having a solid foundational knowledge of SEO isn’t important. It is.)



How do we do this?


Yup. Content.


Because exceptional content is actually what the consumer is looking for. To BE what the consumer is looking for, instead of just what the web spider is looking for, is key.


And every Google algorithm update is designed to make their mission more seamless - to step away from keyword tricks and towards a more integrated approach to providing information to their consumers.


It’s what they exist for, and work tirelessly to do everyday. It is happening, and will continue to happen.


The best thing any company can do is understand how to be the best information source for the people they are talking to, and work tirelessly at that.


Through time and commitment, the rest will fall into place.


Hats off to content - (not white hats, not black hats, just you know, hats.) And to a dedicated approach to sincerity marketing.